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Juan Goytisolo

Juan Goytisolo – el bueno The Spanish writer Juan Goytisolo is considered to be one of the three Spanish writers truly known to Arabic population, together with Cervantes and García Lorca. During his life he showed great respect, admiration and...
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Hölderlin und Griechenland

Hölderlin und Griechenland (mit Referenzen zur Krise) Exemplarisches Unterrichtsprojekt, welches die literarische Auseinandersetzung des Dichters mit der neugriechischen Revolution als Beispiel einer europäischen Solidarität zwischen verschiedenen...
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Theophil Armin Wegner

Literary research; here symbols in different kind of texts. In every partner country exemplarily literary material was read up and investigated. It is supposed to be the kind of material which reflects the cultural, trans-European references and solidarities...
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Hölderlin, an exemplary project. One aim of the ersamus+ project is to develop literary exemplary examples that show how in the tradition of European literature writers reflected different cultures/nations in the perspective of solidarity. Here: Hölderlin...
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Solidarity, exemple par excellence: Hemingway Ernest Hemingway has been one of the most important representative of practical and lieterary solidarity with another culture. He was deeply in love with Spain and that fact is clearly seen in his work as...
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